Sunday, February 6, 2011

Actress of the Moment: Hailee Steinfeld

One of my favorite actresses, Hailee Steinfeld is the girl of the moment, earing an Oscar nom at the tender age of fourteen. Her performance in True Grit was incredible as she expertly tackled dialogue seasoned professionals would have trouble with. She truly is an inspiration! Go see True Grit!

Bio: Fresh faced, scene stealer teen Hailee Steinfeld made her mark on both the small screen and big all before the age of 15, including most recently in the Coen brothers' Wild West pot boiler, True Grit.

Born in Twin Oaks, California, Steinfeld was home schooled most of her life, before a role in a K-Mart commercial led the actress-to-be to land small parts on the TV series Back to You, and Sons of Tucson. Still a relative unknown, in 2010 Steinfeld snagged a critical role in True Grit, a remake of the John Wayne classic, staring opposite Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon.

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